1.View depth is big:can gain good luminance beam'spot and luminance in the shining distance range.

2.Shadowless effect is better than the standard(Φ12),actual measure is Φ8.

3.The light is soft,won't hurt your eyes,adpot CRI makes the shining face more realistic.

4.No color separation: the color and the color temperature for the whole light spot are the same, greatly reduce

the color separation though the lens,as well as the effect to the light sensitive material.

5.Light efficiency is higher: the illuminance can reach over 35000lux when the power is 6w.

6. The LED dental lamp can reach stepless adjustable.


Power Supply:AC 12V

Power consumption:6-10W

Light intemsity(lux):>35000lux

Dimension of pattern:80x160mm

Color temperature:5000-6000k


Shadow solution:<φ12mm

Eye intensty(lux)<200lux

Interaction range:20-80mm

Joint dimension:φ22mm

Προβολέας LED

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