• Master-Dent® Chemical Cure Composite

Αυτοπολυμεριζόμενη ρητίνη.

Συσκευασία: Βάση 14gr + Καταλύτης 14gr + etch

Chemical Cure Composite


Master-Dent® Chemical Cure Composite is a highly filled (63% by volume), self-curing paste/paste resin-based composite system for restoring fractured anteriors, anterior cavities, pits and fissures in pre-molars and gingival erosion. Available in a single universal shade giving outstanding aesthetic properties, smooth consistency and natural appearance.


- High compressive strength (210 MPa)
- Low water solubility
- Quick setting – no need for incremental layering as with light cure materials
- Cuts like dentin
- Radiopaque

Master-Dent® Chemical Cure Composite

  • Κατασκευαστής: Dentonics, Inc.
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