Model HL-AH G6 Amalgamator, which controlled by a microprocessor to ensure a precise, controlled, consistent mix. With two working speed (High speed >=4200rpm, Low speed: 2800rpm), can adjust working time from 4S to 60S. It is suitable for all the capsule and glass ionomer sold in the market. For safe operation, the motor will stop, when the mask is open. It can satisfy different customers’ requirements.It is CE,FDA approved.

1. Time setting with memory function.
2. Security Guard design, motor will stop when the mask is open.
3. Noiseless, Stable operation, Electrical safety standard met.
4. Automatic alarm to remind, Easy maintenance.

3.Technical Date:

Power voltage: AC 220V, 50HZ or AC 110V, 60HZ
Motor power: 40W
Blending speed: High speed: 4200rpm; Low speed: 2800rpm
Range of timing: 4S~60S
Noise level: less than 65db (A)
Gross weight: 2.6kg 
Size: 285*245*225mm

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