• Bossklein Instrument Disinfectant 1L

Συμπικνωμένο Διάλυμα Εργαλείων

Product Highlights

  • Concentrated disinfectant
  • 2% concentrate – 1L makes 50L
  • Ideal for instruments, burs and endodontic instruments
  • Biodegradable & Aldehyde free
  • Easy handling with high dosage accuracy
  • Effective against a wide spectrum of organisms

Directions For Use

Add 20ml to 1 litre of clean water (2% solution). Soaking time: 15 minutes. Do not exceed this recommended soaking time. After disinfection, rinse instruments thoroughly with RO or distilled water. Change the solution weekly or daily dependent on the level of use, if physical dirt is showing in the solution change sooner. Do not use on alloyed materials, malleable iron or aluminium casting parts e.g. citoject syringe etc. For professional use only.

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Bossklein Instrument Disinfectant 1L

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